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Koi Care – Secrets to Raising Beautiful Koi

Did you know that Koi are among the most beautiful ornamental fish in the world? That’s why this stunningly colorful variety of fish is found adorning tens of thousands of freshwater ponds around the globe. Its colorful beauty and unusually long lifespan are just a couple of reasons why the Koi is such an appealing creature. Would it surprise you to learn that Koi have been known to live for more than two hundred and twenty years? Indeed they have! For this and other reasons they are perfectly suited for outdoor ponds. 

But where do Koi come from and how are they bred? The name Koi is derived from the Japanese root meaning Carp. Yes, Koi are derived from the common carp fish. And breeding of colorful Koi began in Japan in the early nineteenth century.  What an amazing variety of shades, patterns and colors that Koi come in! Why, green, blue, silver, white, black, yellow, orange and red to name just a few . The actual pattern and color are determined by the diet and external environment. Nevertheless the amazing design of this beautiful lifeform is truly a work of art that you will enjoy.

Koi get along well with other types of fish as long as they are big enough not to be food for the Koi!  In a smaller pond Koi may seem to school together but, in larger areas they tend to split up into small groups. Koi typically thrive in and need a pond of five hundred or more gallons in  capacity. Keep in mind that they have the potential to grow quite large.  The health and well-being of your fish depends on the space available in the pond so as fish grow bigger, you’ll need to pay close attention that overcrowding does not occur and jeopardize the fish. When this happens, larger fish can be given away, perhaps in exchange for smaller ones, or sold. Another possibility is that the pond can be enlarged or replaced.  Remember, water quality above all else has the most profound effect on the health of your fish. So monitor it carefully and avoid overcrowding.  Even though Goldfish are a popular freshwater pond fish, Koi are a more expensive variety and not as easily replaced

The ideal temperature range for these coldwater fish is sixty-one to seventy-five degrees, Fahrenheit. It is for this reason that the amazing Koi thrive so well  outside in winter time.  3 feet should be a minimum depth for the pond. But special care is needed as the weather cools off. As the fish enters its wintertime hibernation, its metabolism slows significantly and decreases the rate of digestion to almost zero. Under these conditions, food in the stomach can begin to spoil. This can make the fish sick. So when water temperature falls to fifty degrees – Fahrenheit, or less, these fish should not be fed at all. 

While the outdoor pond can contribute much beauty and serenity as its water bubbles and flows through your yard, no pond really reaches its full potential for stunning beauty until its waters are adorned with an amazingly colorful fish like the Koi.  Surely, Koi owners must feel a sense of gratitude to be able to have these fish touch their lives and brighten up their worlds. 

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