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Growing Roses – 9 Easy Care Tips For Beautiful Roses

For some people, growing beautiful healthy roses can seem a bit like hard work, when really this is not the case. It’s just a matter of doing a few small things regularly. Here’s nine small things you can start today, to make sure your roses really bloom:

1. The best time to prune your roses is early spring. Or once they start budding. These buds will eventually become branches.

2. Cut off all the dead and damaged branches first. Then cut all except five of the remaining healthy branches off. These should be roughly about the thickness of a pencil.

3. Cut the bushes from about a third up to one half, depending how tall you want them. Cut above the outward facing buds, this will encourage them to grow upwards. Doing this will improve the air circulation and shape when the bud opens up.

4. Always ensure your hand shears are well sharpened. And take care to watch when pruning climbing roses. The branches on these often overlap, so watch what branches your cutting.

5. Cut down on your work by mulching. Mulching means that your roses will need less watering and weeding, plus it also helps stop disease. Organic mulches are the best, wood chips, pine-needles, or better yet, your own grass cuttings.

6. During winter add an extra couple of inches to the soil at the base of your roses. It helps provide a little more heat during the winter.

7. Try and avoid using those little white plastic cones during the winter, as these can actually trap too much heat during the thaw.

8. Always water your roses at the base, not on the foliage as this will cause fungal disease. You should water your roses lightly, but often.

9. Always keep the area where your roses are clear. This will help with circulation.

So there you go. A few easy little bits of work for you to help grow beautiful healthy roses.

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